"For all of the above, I want to say a big thank you, Liliya. For all the work you did with me. For your guidance and patience when listening to the same complaints again and again. But most of all, for all the times when I was at my lowest. When you kept me after the end of our session to help me feel better before going back to the refuge. Giving up your much-needed break from people’s problems, I am sure. Those meant the world.


And even though I don’t know much about you — or almost anything really — you are among the people I most look up to, and refer to for inspiration."

Dr Korallo is an active member of the Ukrainian Medical Association of the United Kingdom. She has contributed widely to training and education activities of the Association. I know Dr Korallo as a responsive, supportive and dedicated colleague.

An outstanding clinician with vast experience and knowledge. She is extremely professional & approachable. Highly recommended.

Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Clinical Consultant, London

Extradition Barrister, London

I’m delighted to recommend Dr. Korallo as an outstanding psychologist and expert witness. She produced a detailed and thorough written report for my client in an extradition case. Her oral evidence in court was considered, engaged and she handled cross-examination and questions from the judge with ease. I was struck by her professionalism throughout this difficult case. I have no hesitation in recommending her for future expert witness work and look forward to working with her again.

Immigration    Lawyer

I highly recommend Dr Korallo. I am a solicitor specialising in immigration law and I instructed Dr Korallo to provide medical evidence for a witness in an urgent immigration appeal. She was able to offer an appointment to the witness at short notice. She conducted the appointment with great sensitivity and empathy. She also sent me her medical evidence within the relevant deadline. I was very grateful for her help. 


I have known Dr. Korallo since 2004. She worked on a project focused on educational psychology that I originated at Middlesex University exploring the uses of visual timelines as an aid to learning history. Based on the success of this work, we secured Leverhulme funding for Liliya to undertake her PhD which she did successfully and on time. I had ample opportunity to see Liliya at work in relation to her academic abilities, interpersonal skills, time management and overall responsibility. In every respect I was highly satisfied with her work. She brought together existing research from a range of fields including experimental psychology, design and visualisation and added to this her own significant insights. Experimental design and execution were to a high standard. Dr. Korallo and I have been co-authors of several articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Korallo’s planning and execution of research were exemplary. She is very practical. She is highly capable of working tactfully and effectively with a variety of stakeholders.

Anon, London

When starting therapy, I tried to come to the sessions with an open mind but found it hard to see another’s perspective. As each session ended, I tried to reflect on what I had learnt.

I came to accept my diagnosis and the potential causes which helped me be more receptive of advice. As the weeks went on, I developed skills to help manage my condition in a way that meant I could do all the things I wanted to do again. I could live my life. We took a step at a time, doing things bit by bit which helped me overcome many fears, for example, fear of going outside. We worked on what triggers my condition and I am more aware of my emotions and behaviour. Before I used to ignore them. I have learnt to accept that emotions are a useful part of our lives and it is better to explore them than keep them hidden. I have found these therapy sessions very useful and will continue to use the skills I have learnt to remain in a stable condition. I understand that I may not always be stable, but I now have the tools to manage myself better.

RG. London

The early sessions with Liliya covered a broad range of issues and we eventually figured out the problems and appropriate solutions. Liliya listened well and pushed to challenge me outside of my comfort zone. I'd recommend Liliya to friends and family alike!"

 P. London 

"Liliya, I know this is your job, however I would like to say thank you for all the help you have given me this year. It has been truly life changing. Good luck, and keep up the good work!"

Solicitor, London

"Dear Liliya, Your services are brilliant. Very efficient. I also think your style of reporting has improved since the first instruction and you have clearly understood what we need from a medico legal point of view. The content of your reports is clear and concise."

Case Manager, London

Excellent service for a complex client. Great to have on the team for advice and support. Has really helped the client progress.